Sharing Economy meets Logistics

We are located in Munich’s Sillicon Valley – also known as Parkstadt Schwabing – and work with thousands of freight forwarders and carriers from over 14 countries throughout Europe. Our mission: We want to simplify the day-to-day work of dispatchers. Our solutions LoadFox Market and LoadFox Planner are THE clever tools for dispatchers and optimize their dispatching plan according to costs, time and capacity.

LoadFox is a jointly founded company of MAN Truck&Bus SE and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). We develop digital solutions for logistics and thus address well-known challenges of the industry. With the help of artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms, we offer our customers a fleet optimization software, the LoadFox Planner, in order to make their dispatch planning even more efficient. On our clever online platform, the LoadFox Market, we combine loads ultra fast to profitable truck tours. Thanks to our services, dispatchers can utilize their capacities with just a few clicks, increase turnover and reduce traffic and emissions at the same time.

These are the Foxes

In addition to our ride-sharing for freight platform, we are currently developing our next product for automating dispatching plans together with dispatchers from small and large European long-haul fleet operators. In contrast to the algorithm of the marketplace, not only loads but also drivers, trailers, tractors and of course loads are cleverly combined and suggested to the dispatcher. This means that even the most last-minute changes in the dispatching office will no longer be a stress factor but rather simply a mouse click in the future.

That's what makes us special

We are among the winners of the Digital Logistics Award 2017 of the Digital Hub Logistics/Fraunhofer and the Pack Ma’s Digital Initiative 2018 of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Munich and Upper Bavaria. We are very proud of the title Logistics Start-up of the Year 2018. The Forbes magazine mentions us as one of the most innovative start-ups in Germany.


Looking for a challenge and want to revolutionize the logistics industry? Start contributing to improve the day-to-day work of our customers and apply to LoadFox.

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