LoadFox Market functions in detail

Freight forwarders simply forward their loads on the LoadFox Market platform to approved partners by submitting them online. More attractive loads thanks to the support of our algorithm, making your load more appealing for carriers in combination with other loads.

LoadFox Market - Ansicht Plattform:

Free trucks for your loads

You or your subcontractor have no free capacities? Let more than thousands of reliable partners drive your load surpluses.

  • Algorithm combines loads and make yours even more attractive
  • Set multiple up-/unloading points as well as ramps
  • Set permitted bodies and required equipments
  • Save your customers data and choose to mask zip codes

Attractive additional loads

The LoadFox algorithm combines even seemingly unattractive loads to profitable tours and thus increases your sales.

  • Get tour suggestions with loads of different partners
  • Book machting loads with just a few clics
  • Fully untilized own fleet and happy subcontractors
  • Increase your revenue while saving CO²
LoadFox Market - Ansicht Plattform: Ladung, Fracht zu Tour, Touren kombinieren. Spedition kann Umsatz steigern.
LoadFox Market - Ansicht Plattform: Angebot, Ladung, Fracht verhandeln und Gebot, Preis erhalten.

Get price bids digital

You decide whether there is room for negotiation. You can easily accept bids online, make a counterbid or reject them.

  • Room for negotiation? You decide if the price is negotiable
  • Accept bids fast and with just a few clicks
  • Uncomplicated resignation of negotiations
  • Keep track of all your price negotiations

You decide

Decide who can see your load. Or keep the overview by using the advantage of our algorithm across locations and departments.

  • show loads exclusively in closed user groups
  • Manage your little black book of frequent partners simply online
  • Schedule time to increase the visibility of your loads
  • Share? copy the direct link to your load and mail it
LoadFox Market - Ansicht Plattform: Spedition, Spediteur, Disponent stellt Schtbarkeit für Fracht, Ladung ein.
Laptop: Ansicht für API Schnittstelle zum TMS für Spedition Frachtführer

Partner API

Request API access to connect to your systems with LoadFox or take a look at our API documentation.

  • Use your familiar TMS
  • Booking profitable Tours became so simple
  • Get use of the beneficial algorithm
developers.loadfox.euRequest API access

Transaction fees for freight forwarders

The LoadFox Market transaction fee for freight forwarders amounts to
1% of the loading price.

This commission fee will be charged separately by LoadFox after booking the tour on LoadFox Market. The freight forwarder pays the agreed freight price for the forwarded load directly to the carrier.

  • Yeah! No cure, no pay.
  • Fair: No fix costs or hidden long time contracts
  • Save even more money? API-User book tours for free for now
ein Prozent 1% Pricing Tag

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LoadFox Planner, das Tool zur Tourenoptimierung und Bundling von Ladung, Fracht coming soon.

Soon: LoadFox Planner

We are now in the pilot phase with selected, well-known transportation companies with their own fleet. The LoadFox Planner is the clever tool for semi-automated creation of dispatching plans.

  • Ultra-fast combination of loads, trucks, trailers and drivers
  • Respond stress-free to changes with a single click
  • Optimization based on utilization, costs and time
Apply now for Beta Phase

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