LoadFox Market - Ansicht Plattform: Alarm Manager Funktion für Ladung, Fracht, Angebot.

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Online access anytime without installation, no matter whether from your desk, sofa or directly from the driver's cabin.

Easily increase sales

Our clever algorithm combines all suitable loads of the network along your tour - more attractive and profitable.

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Your registration is free of charge. We participate in case of success with a fair transaction fee.

Better truck utilization for everyone

Our ride-sharing for freight is now called LoadFox Market

LoadFox Algorithmus spielt Tetris mit LKW Ladungen

For Carriers

Our clever algorithm plays Tetris with all loads on the LoadFox Market and offers carriers profitable tour suggestions that can be booked with just a few clicks. Find out how we simplify the day-to-day work of carriers.

Functions for Carriers
Durch cleveren Algorithmus werden Ladungen in profitable Touren gebündelt

For Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders can easily pass on their loads to certified carriers on the LoadFox Market. Find out how our algorithm can make your loads even more attractive for carriers when combined with others.

Functions for Freight Forwarders

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Are you a visual person? Explore LoadFox Market´s Platform during an individual Demo-Tour with a member of our staff.

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We know dispatching

Several times a month, our foxes visit dispatching offices and learn how to improve the use of our services.

We speak logistics

You don't have have to pretend if you have feedback for us. We like feedback to be direct and honest.

Techies love logistics

Sure, we love combinations, heuristics and math but above all else we love logistics and full trucks.

API to your TMS

Create loads and book tour combinations hassle-free with your existing system.

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LoadFox Planner, das Tool zur Tourenoptimierung und Bundling von Ladung, Fracht coming soon.

Soon: LoadFox Planner

We are now in the pilot phase with selected, well-known transportation companies with their own fleet. The LoadFox Planner is the clever tool for semi-automated creation of dispatching plans.

  • Ultra-fast combination of loads, trucks, trailers and drivers
  • Respond stress-free to changes with a single click
  • Optimization based on utilization, costs and time
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