LoadFox Planner: Tourenoptimierung und Bundling von Ladung, Fracht, Sendung durch KI und Algorithmen. Disponent erhält Dispoplan.

Time savings

Ultra-fast combination of trucks, trailers, drivers and loads

Costs well under control

Optimization of the plan based on costs, utilization and time

Just relax

React stress-free to sudden changes with a single click

Next level dispatch planning

Thanks to AI, the Planner combines trailers, trucks, internal and LoadFox Market loads and drivers online in just a few seconds. This is what stress-free dispatching plan scenario creation of the future looks like. Whether it's lower costs, more utilization & turnover or simply driver-friendly plans - LoadFox Planner solves this puzzle with one click.

LoadFox Planner: Tourenoptimierung und Bundling von Ladung, Fracht, Sendung durch KI und Algorithmen. Disponent erhält Dispoplan.

The planner offers scenarios to choose from

The dispatching plan is like a mosaic. The planner suggests a finished pattern to the dispatcher, now the dispatcher can fix single stones and exchange others: A new scenario is calculated.

Set the Planner controls to your personal optimization strategy – You will be amazed by the result.

The dispatcher compares and decides

The planner learns with the decisions of the dispatchers. In the early product phase, exchange is particularly important.

Our agile development takes place at the forefront in the dispatching offices of the pilot partners. There are already promising results in the pilot tests. You have the chance to apply as a beta-user for the product launch 2020.

That is what logistics experts say about LoadFox Planner

Apply now to become a beta-tester

You also want to benefit from the functionalities of the LoadFox Planner? We develop a tool with which you can reduce the stress level of your dispatchers, save time and costs. During further development you as a beta-user can let your experience be incorporated into the product development. This tool will revolutionize dispatch planning. Use the opportunity to apply as a beta user for the product launch 2020.

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The Planner is currently in the pilot phase. The use of the LoadFox Planner is therefore reserved for selected pilot customers only.

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