How does LOADFOX work?
Using LOADFOX, carriers can upload and forward loads on our platform. Thanks to its intelligent algorithm, LOADFOX combines this loads into profitable tours that can be booked on the platform.
Just enter your search or alert criteria, such as postal code, capacity, type of good, and let LOADFOX find the best tours for you.
What are the benefits of using LOADFOX?
LOADFOX provides carriers with optimised tours instead of partial loads, and allows them to find complete loads for their empty return routes, instantly boosting profitability for the carriers.
Moreover, carriers decide which trusted partners they want to work with, ensuring high quality transport and fair trade.
Can I use LOADFOX as a shipper?
LOADFOX is intended for forwarders and carriers only.
2. Registration and price
I’m interested by LOADFOX, where can I register?
Any forwarding and transport company can register with LoadFox. Simply complete the registration form at www.loadfox.eu As soon as your registration with us has been checked, you will receive your registration link by email.
Do I need to be a RIO client to register for LOADFOX?
LOADFOX is open to all carriers as a standalone service. You do not need to be a RIO client to register. However, accessing LOADFOX through a RIO account will allow you to benefit from extra features and thorough integration with other services.
How does the pricing model look like?
The pricing model at LOADFOX is transaction-based. The transaction fees become effective, as soon as a transation or booking is made. If the transation is successful, all LoadFox partners involved in the transaction will be billed a transaction fee. The freight forwarder(s) and carrier will be billed separately by LoadFox. The registration of LOADFOX remains free of charge. Click here for more information about the pricing model.
How much does LOADFOX cost?
The transaction fee at LoadFox amounts to 1% of the load or tour price. The forwarder pays 1% of the load price and the carrier is billed 1% of the tour price. These fees will be charged separately by LoadFox after successful tour booking. All loads that are entered or booked via an API are free of charge until further notice.
3. Security
How do I know, that my partners on LOADFOX are trustworthy?
LOADFOX checks all companies for creditworthiness, the business field and other criteria before activation. Only if these correspond to our quality standards, the partner will be activated for the platform. Even after activation, our Customer Support Team checks customer behavior on the platform. If customers with a problem with another partner approach us, our support team will take the necessary steps.
Can I select my own partners?
Yes, that is also possible. At LOADFOX you have the option to see a list of all unlocked partners and decide yourself whether you want to exclude someone from your partner list. In suchcase, the excluded partners no longer see any of your loads and vice versa.
How about data privacy? Is the information generated on LOADFOX sold to third party?
Details about data privacy can be found in our Privacy policy that you need to accept when registering on the platform.
What are the system requirement for using LOADFOX on my machine?
LOADOFX is a fully web-based service. Seamless experience is guaranteed on the following web browsers: Firefox 45 and above, Chrome 40 and above, Safari 9.0 and above, Internet Explorer 11 and above, Microsoft Edge all versions.
4. Operations
Do you provide insurance for the loads that are share on the platform?
LOADFOX fair-play chart requires all carriers registering on the platform to have a valid insurance for the goods transported. Such an insurance is not provided by LOADFOX.
Do you provide a BoL (Bill of Loading) for the loads shared on the platform?
LOADFOX focuses on building profitable tours from your partners. Bill of loads issuance will be agreed directly between you and your partner.
How binding is the service? How about I have to cancel a load that someone already booked?
All loads submitted on LOADFOX and booked by one of your partners are binding. Once a load is booked, you will have to arrange any cancellation or change details directly with your partner.
How can I get help in terms of Operations?
For questions or requests regarding operations, please contact us by email at support@loadfox.eu.
5. Service
In what countries is LOADFOX available?
LOADFOX is active in Germany, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands. We will gradually expand our services to other European countries. Stay tuned!
Which languages are available for LOADFOX?
LOADFOX is available in German, Polish and English. More languages will be available soon.
6. Support
How can I get help from LOADFOX?

As a LOADFOX customer, you may join at your convenience using the following means:

  • For feedback using the product, for help on how to use certain features, or to report bugs, please reach out to us using the form on the homescreen. You can alternatively contact us at on support@loadfox.eu
  • For questions or requests regarding operations, please contact us by email at support@loadfox.eu